NieR:Automata Review – Rebirth & Hope

I have had this blog post nearly finished for over 3 weeks now, I have never been good at writing my thoughts down, and my writing skills aren’t good enough for me to have confidence in them, so writing reviews always resulted in a bit of anxiety and worry because I am a perfectionist and I do hate when I feel I can’t do something well enough. I discarded all that I wrote about Final Fantasy IX after recently finishing it but I really do like going back on the games, seeing what I thought back in the day and whether my opinion has changed so I don’t want to discard my thoughts on NieR:Automata. My thoughts might seem a little all over the place but I tried my best.

This review is spoiler free.

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Steins;Gate 0 Review – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Steins;Gate is such an compelling adventure and easily one of my favorite games, the ending was also wrapped up nicely thus I was surprised when they announced Steins;Gate0 (a sequel of a sort). Due to the success of the original game, this time we didn’t have to wait for a long time before the follow up game was translated, however, I had no intention of picking it up. I loved the ending of the original game and felt like this is probably another case of endless sequels being made for easy money because us, the fans, will likely get it either way. Sometimes they’re fun for the sheer gameplay or for the possible further development of favorite characters (or said characters being ruined) but then I end up thinking, was it worth it? Was it really worth wasting so many hours on a game that didn’t satisfy my needs for interesting story and appealing characters when I could’ve played so many titles from my backlog? Answers differ but was Steins;Gate0 one of these games? Let’s take a look.

(Warning: The review contains some spoilers from the previous game, as for 0, no mayor spoilers that you don’t learn in first 2-4 hours of gameplay).

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