School Idol Adventures – May 2017

I promised myself to post at least once a month but it’s hard for me to focus recently, and I do not like half-assing things. I write reviews not to become professional or recognized but because I want to talk about my hobby; if I don’t do it with passion or I force myself, it doesn’t feel right. I wanted to write up a review for Persona 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which are the 2 games I finished last month and the 2 games from some of my favorite series. While I enjoyed both of the games, I realized that what I have written up about them in an attempt to create a review was mostly… negative and so I decided to give up on the idea. I have started Tales of Berseria, if I actually don’t end up dropping it, I might write up a review for it.

However! If you know me for awhile, you know that I have been playing Love Live: School Idol Festival for awhile now. Being someone who loves rhythm games, I enjoy it and have been playing (mostly) regularly for over a year, with my 2nd anniversary being later this year. Unlike console rhythm games, this game provides events and new cards additions every 2 weeks which makes you come back and improve at the game, be active and compete with others. I do love the  Vocaloid games but after you beat them and complete everything, there isn’t really any incentives to go back to it and buying 150 sequels including some of the same songs and outfits doesn’t feel quite as rewarding anymore.
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It’s been ages since I last had a blog so  my writing skills might be horrible. I missed blogging on eljay so here I am.

Anyhow, this is my blog for different kinds of reviews and perhaps some fandom rambling if I feel like it. Mostly created it for writing practice but if you feel like leaving comments and having discussions, do not hesitate as this is why I am not using Tumblr for this. I will start working on my first review for this blog which will be for Project Diva f 2nd, following by Tales from the Borderlands Ep.1 review if I manage to write enough about it so stay tuned if you’re interested. Hopefully my first review will be ready this weekend.

Please keep in mind that I will try to review more things than just games if I do find enough time for it.

– Roax.