Code:Realize Official Artbook – A Review

For those that do not know, Code:Realize is one of my favorite visual novels and easily the best otome game I have played to this day. There has been only around 4 otome games that I have been hyped for and, admittedly, the art is one of my main reasons. It wasn’t different for this game. While the plot seemed interesting enough, I have adored the art for it ever since a friend linked me to it. Then Code:Realize has been finally licensed and I have gotten it as a Christmas gift in 2015 (bless the UK eBay seller who sold imported copies). However, there is only so much you achieve with gorgeous art, if the game is bad not even the art will save it.

Code:Realize ended up being so much more than I could’ve ever hoped for and my love for the art and the game left me wishing I had any merchandise of the game at all. For a year I have been wishing to own this artbook when I finally found it in a reasonable price and decided to just go for it. All I have to say is: no regrets.

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The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening – A Review

In the span of last 3 months I have treated myself a bit with the rest of the money after Christmas left me almost broke. However, I did not expect for my life to take yet another turn and I was not able to go back home, meaning all the stuff I’ve ordered in December and January did not arrive to me directly and had to wait for awhile to get them. I have only received them 2 weeks ago and this artbook was among one of them. I’ve been following the release of this book ever since it was announced but then life got busy and only mid-December I have managed to purchase it for a discounted price and I must say, this book is worth so much more.

Usually I post these reviews only to help people find more images and content as I often have trouble deciding whether an artbook is worth it but this time I just want to post to try and convince people to get it because I love this thing so much… aaaand I might just want to ramble a bit about it.

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Haruhi-ism; Noizi Ito Artworks Artbook – A Review

A few days ago I realized I still had credit on my Amazon gift card I received for Christmas so I decided to order a beautiful artbook from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have always liked the manga artwork a whole lot but I only ever saw shops selling the anime artbooks which I am not quite as interested in. For those of you who do not know, I love artbooks and it’s a favorite hobby of mine aside from playing games. I know I promised a game review and it’s in works, it’s just that I have been stressed and then sick, I can’t really write it as well as I’d like to. In fact I feel I write them too fast and I don’t feel I am practicing my writing, which was the main reason I created this blog. One of the reasons is also that I think the artbook is simply stunning and I can’t help go back and look through it over and over again.

Please also keep in mind I have never written an artbook review before but how hard can it be, right? Right? Well, hopefully I will not make a fool out of myself.

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