Known as Roax; scorpio, intj, type 1 and a true neutral. Mostly into video games but I am also into collecting artbooks, steelbooks, figures and the like. I have some other interests but they are not related to this blog. Occasionally I do watch anime/tv shows and read manga/books.

I created this blog in order to get back into writing but it’s been a few years since I had a blog of any type so pardon me for being rusty. I tend to have a lot of opinions and the need to spam people with them, figured a blog would be the perfect place to do that without being overwhelming. English is also not my first language therefore you can see some mistakes here and there. That being said, this blog is mostly reviews and possibly random thoughts on games I am playing, shows I am watching or even some artbook reviews if I feel the need (because I’m thrilled about sharing my interest in them). Basically? You could say this is simply another fandom blog.

Since it’s been so long since I last wrote a proper review, it might take awhile before I find my style but meanwhile bear with me. Don’t hesitate to leave comments either, that’s what makes me want to go back into blogging, after all.


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