School Idol Adventures – May 2017

I promised myself to post at least once a month but it’s hard for me to focus recently, and I do not like half-assing things. I write reviews not to become professional or recognized but because I want to talk about my hobby; if I don’t do it with passion or I force myself, it doesn’t feel right. I wanted to write up a review for Persona 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which are the 2 games I finished last month and the 2 games from some of my favorite series. While I enjoyed both of the games, I realized that what I have written up about them in an attempt to create a review was mostly… negative and so I decided to give up on the idea. I have started Tales of Berseria, if I actually don’t end up dropping it, I might write up a review for it.

However! If you know me for awhile, you know that I have been playing Love Live: School Idol Festival for awhile now. Being someone who loves rhythm games, I enjoy it and have been playing (mostly) regularly for over a year, with my 2nd anniversary being later this year. Unlike console rhythm games, this game provides events and new cards additions every 2 weeks which makes you come back and improve at the game, be active and compete with others. I do love the  Vocaloid games but after you beat them and complete everything, there isn’t really any incentives to go back to it and buying 150 sequels including some of the same songs and outfits doesn’t feel quite as rewarding anymore.

School Idol Festival, SIF in short, is a mobile rhythm game about idols which sounds pretty boring but it’s rather fun! It has tons of songs in it; with some of them leaving me wishing I was deaf but with some being quite lovely songs I would listen to anytime. The idea of the game is that you clear songs, improve at them, collect love gems (which is a currency in the game), collect cards, build up teams and enjoy yourself. This game used to be a little tough for F2P players but not anymore, so I would recommend it to anyone who is a collector and enjoys looking at cute cards of adorable girls.

Seeing as SIF is the only thing that manages to hold my interest for longer than 2 hours, I was thinking maybe it would be a good motivation to keep me post here and let me ramble about what I enjoy? But also something that I could stop at anytime if I was not feeling like it? So I decided to write monthly round-ups about my progress in SIF and what is going on in the community, as well as see how many stickers and gems one might spend monthly and how much one can gain during the same month. This is just an experiment, I might not post it every month but I will try. I hope that whoever reads it will enjoy it and if anyone wants to talk more about SIF, I am always happy to! If I decide to finish this series with this post, I apologize but I don’t want commitment (sadly this applies to real life too, hahaha….).

School Idol Adventures – May 2017

4a 5a 6a

Start Rank: 157     |     End Rank: 169


I wish I could have thought of a witty name but I can’t be arsed.

  • April 27th: Valentine Yoshiko UR is released on WW.
  • May 5th: Round 25 of Score Match starts.
  • May 10th: Birthstone Eli UR is released on WW.
  • May 15th: Valentine Yoshiko UR is released on WW.
  • May 19th: KLab postpones the event and announced a big update.
  • May 25th: Taiwan server merges with WW.
  • May 25th: 3rd Anniversary Login bonus campaign starts.
  • May 25th: KLab releases 3rd Anniversary Packs.
  • May 25th: Round 11 of Medley Festival starts.
  • May 29th: Birthstone Hanayo SSR is released on WW.

May has been like any other month in SIF, with the exception of the 3rd year anniversary, as well as the merge of servers. Players from TW server joined us on the WW server, so we have got an influx of new players. As a result of that, both point tiers and score tiers have been expanded. The extension in the tiers wasn’t necessarily significant, especially for T1 (tier 1) but it’s better than no expansion at all, I suppose! That did not help me get into score T1 this event either, but that’s my main goal in this game and I will chase it till I can reach it.

However, the merge didn’t go quite as quickly as expected and, as a result, our MedFes (Medley Festival) event was postponed, leaving us with quite a big gap of free time between the events. As someone who was looking forward towards RikoDia MedFes and someone who didn’t feel like working on FCs (full combos) at the moment, I ended up grinding reward boxes and trying to improve my teams. During that time, KLab also announced big changes to the game so our community was hyped and hopes for 5.0 update that includes a lot of new perks available on JP (japanese) server that we haven’t gotten yet. Lo and behold, nothing aside from the merge happened. A bit of a disappointment but it will come eventually and it will include Blue Ticket Aqours + UR only boxes that I simply can’t wait for! The addition of master songs with slide notes should also come with the 5.0 update which is exciting, as well. I have tried them out only recently but I have been having fun, even though I can’t really FC these songs yet!

Being a player from October 2015, it really feels like the game has improved a lot and all of these new features really make me want to play more and look forward to future updates. Not to mention that Aqours sets get more and more beautiful.


Round 25: Score Match

Dates: 05/05/2017 – 15/05/2017

Points: 81842 | Rank:  2284 | Tier: 2

MMR: 14613 | Rank: 3116 | Tier: 2

Loot: 2x Bubble Umi, Rank Up x3

I absolutely adore Bubble Umi. When I saw it for the first time back in February last year (2016) I fell in love and was the reason why I created my JP account in the first place. I did not tier as I barely had teams to pull through but I got the first copy of the card and later idolized it with seals. It was also the only event on JP that I participated in. I am not big on having two accounts at the same time so I used it mostly for scouting urges, not to blow the loveca on the main account but rather save for future sets.

Her event was actually postponed but I am very glad for it. I was on a sort of a hiatus between November and February where I played very casually, I logged in when I felt like and would play 1 song for a daily loveca. I couldn’t be bothered to actually participate in events and I am sure Bubbles Umi would be no exception. I skipped on Easter Maki which is the cutest ever, but I don’t believe in forcing yourself to play games.

When she came out I was debating whether I should tier or just idolize her with a seal. The MMR system was stressing me out and I thought I wasn’t really feeling it. However, I ended up having so much fun I ended up overshooting T2 by quite a lot. The matchmaking in the game was quite good and mostly even in games I have been thrown into. Whether I gained 1st place or 3rd, the overall scores of all the players were more or less similar. MMR ended up being a mess though, you would get 0 points for placing 1st, then lose a lot by placing 2nd/3rd/4th only because you were matched with much weaker players. It put a pressure on you, if your MMR was the highest at the beginning of the match, it meant you must place 1st not to lose any points but, by gaining 1st place, you might also not gain any points either. That resulted in whales being stuck in T2 or T3, while players with weaker teams in T1, including me for the first half of the event. On one hand, it’s nice that players who don’t have teams full of URs have a chance of obtaining that 1 gold sticker but on the other hand it feels wrong to have strong teams and yet score much lower. I am saying this belonging to the portion of people who did not get to T1 when it comes to score.

Let’s not forget the drama with the hacker, someone hacked the game early during the game threatening to take over accounts. Thankfully KLab dealt with it semi-fast so no harm was done.

After the event ended, I finally got my second copy of Bubble Umi, got to idolize her and she looks beautiful. She doesn’t fit into my teams but I refuse to sell her for stickers.

4 5 6

Round 11: Medley Festival

Dates: 25/05/2017 – 02/06/2017

Points: 130862 | Rank:  386 | Tier: 1

Score: 2308356 | Rank: 2837 | Tier: 2

Loot: 3x Ice Skating Riko, 3x Ice Skating Dia, Rank Up x6, 1x Smile skill up, 1x Cool Aura, 1x Pure Aura, 1x Pure Vail, what a loot it is.

The event I was waiting for but also the event I couldn’t decide whether I should T1 or T2. Dia is my best girl so I really wanted to T1 but going T1 on my level requires a lot of gems. In the end I decided to go for it. I spent a total of 44 loveca, received 16 loveca from event rewards, 8 daily loveca, making it 20 loveca from my pre-event stash. I could have T2 with half of the gems I used but I really felt like I wanted to go a step further, not only for Dia but also because it means more stickers from cards, as well as more reward box loot, lovely experience points, also this sense of self-satisfaction. I have been getting a lot of 1SR pulls in the past year and no URs ever since May 2016 so I grew to expect the minimum out of pulls making these 40+ gems not such a bad deal for 1 idolized scorer SR (+it’s Dia) + 4 silver seals. That being said, all Riko copies ended up being sacrificed for the greater good aka. unlocking slots. She did not make it to any of my teams, unfortunately.

Half-way through the event I started to get burnt out, this is the second MedFes that I decided to T1 but I don’t remember the previous one being quite as tiring. After I learned that the predicted cut-off for T1 has raised, I was ready to give up and haven’t played much for 3 days or so but on the last day I found the motivation, threw 5 more loveca and got enough points to stay in the desired tier. These 5 loveca gave me 2 more scouting tickets, as well as an SR skill up card and a Cool Aura SIS, I think it was worth it in the end.

All in all I had fun during the event but I don’t want to T1 during MedFes anytime soon, which makes me quite torn as to what to do about the next Kanan event.


Used: 50 LC, 3 STs, 2 SR+ tickets, 2 SSR+ tickets.

I have not scouted in any of the main boxes aside from 2 scouting tickets. I am saving my gems for the events and the job sets as I absolutely fell int love with Job Dia the moment I saw it on JP. I love Job Kanan to death too, and the SRs are quite lovely as well so anything from that set will make happy. But! That’s not this month.

1a 2a 3a

3rd Year Box

The one box that tempted me was the box featuring my dream Muse UR of my best girl: Thief Eli. Last year I tried scouting for her with both saved and bought gems (bought 50, 50 were gifted) and I did 5 pulls. I did not end up getting my dream UR but I got 2 other URs so the pulls were quite good. Ever since I’ve been chasing after Thief Eli. In May a box with higher rate up popped up and my sister convinced me to do it. I said to myself “1 last pull for Thief Eli, let’s see how it goes”. The pull wasn’t technically bad but no Thief Eli and no new cards. These were my 5th and 6th (or even 7th) copies of Job V2 Nico, welp. I have given up on Thief Eli. At least one of my last Muse scouts ended up being a good resource of seals.

SR+ / SSR+ Tickets

During the 3rd anniversary campaign, KLab released P2P packs! I have been F2P for over a year now, the only thing I bought during that time were the Starter Packs. I think I have bought 4 so far, maybe 6, I can’t remember but the price of them is pretty fair and that’s probably why they release them so rarely. However, I have also been saving for the UR packs that were released on JP. Seeing as Klab released SSR+ packs instead, I decided to buy the Aqours one. I really fell in love with Aqours and barely had any of their cards, I also thought that I could buy 1 pull for Job Dia since I absolutely adore the card, as well as most of the SSRs so I thought it’s fine, no matter what I get I will be happy. 2 days later I have been bugging my sister to make me resist buying the pack for Muse, as 2 would end up being quite expensive and she was doing quite a good job until… she remembered she had gotten an iTunes gift card at her uni for some survey activity and she wanted to give me, £20 in value. Once she sent me the code it was actually for £25 so I nabbed the Muse pack as well since I only had to pay £3 for it.

My sister gets URs more often than me so when the UR flew out of the box and then Halloween Yoshiko popped up, I was speechless. The last UR I got was on the May 20th 2016 so I gave up on getting any and I was excited to even get an Aqours SSR but I was blessed. When I was pulling SSR+ box for Muse, I was so happy I got the card gifted rather than my sister using it on herself that no matter what I got I was just sitting excited and grateful she would rather have me get one. Amusingly enough I got a UR of the only Love Live character I am not fond of and a card so weak, its skill is useless but the high stats are always appreciated! Nevertheless I was still happy, my pure teams are rubbish so that’s a nice boost for now. After not getting any URs for so long and only getting ugly initial SSRs, this was honestly more than I could ever hope for. As for the SR+ tickets, I got Christmas Riko SR and Cheerleader Nico SR. Riko stays with me but I had to say bye to Cheerleader Nico and exchange her for a seal.

1 2 3

Lastly, I did approximately 3 scouting ticket pulls throughout the month. 2 of them were rares but the last pull of the month happened to be an SSR! Initial Ruby SSR. I hate all of the initials but Mari and maybe Honoka so I was kinda meh but I decided not to sell her yet as my teams can make use of her! I kept the rest of STs for Job Dia.

My Aqours teams are still pretty weak but I am slowly building them! Hopefully I will get a good (3rd year) Pure center skill soon so I can work on improving my Pure team alongside the Aqours teams.

If all goes well, the next Love Live post will be 1 month from now.


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5 thoughts on “School Idol Adventures – May 2017

    • sleipnirx says:

      Congrats on your UR! Unfortunately I did not manage to pull her from STs but my sister got her so I get to stare at her everyday, such a gorgeous card ;-;

      Liked by 1 person

      • sleipnirx says:

        The Job set is amazing, imo! I love so many of the cards and it’s my fave UR pair so far. Which card are you saving for now?

        Liked by 1 person

      • tivamoo says:

        I will see. Normally I purchase the start of month pack so that after 2 months I can scout 4-5 times (with the gems too). There are some new U’s cards which are also tempting. The problem with U’s is that there are so many of them so it’s likely to end up with some random old cards which you cannot idolise….


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