Final Fantasy XV – a mini-rant

Around 2 weeks ago I decided I will try to use my blog a bit more often, applied some tweeks, although it’s not done yet (mainly revamp of categories + new headers). My plan was to make my first post in the last 2 years after fixing the blog up but I feel the need to rant, and this is what I will do in this post. Also, it’s spoiler-free, absolutely no story is discussed.

This post will not include my general opinion about the game. I’ve finished it a bit over a month ago thus I don’t feel like I could write up a review — if anyone is interested in what I liked, what I disliked and my general opinions, I can try, just let me know. I am definitely all up for discussion about the game as I rather enjoyed it and it’s still fresh in my mind.

My point today was to rant about one of the things I didn’t really mind much while playing through the original story, possibly because I still had hopes I can find some story bits scattered over the world in the dungeons. I was, for the most part, wrong.

In total, there are around 15 dungeons all together? more or less, in most of these dungeons are other dungeons hidden behind the locked doors making it quite a large number of them to play through. Royal Arms ones had nothing to offer in terms of story, all they give you is a shiny new weapon and possibly a nicely designed area to play through. That’s it. Quite disappointing, isn’t it? However, there is one dungeon that has symbolism in it! something I really like about XV. Finally a dungeon that actually tells us something about the story, and that dungeon is called Pitioss.


I have read theories and symbolism on it before trying it out, I did not know anything about it when I decided to leave that dungeon for last. I was hyped after all that I’ve heard and watched that I decided to get right to it. As upsetting as it is, all I associate with that place now is frustration. First of all, to even be able to access the dungeon you need the flying Regalia and decent skills at landing that thing, which is something I apparently do not posses. The area where you can land is so thin and small, that even if I landed without completely crushing the car, I would get the game over screen. I don’t even wanna know how many times I tried and how long it took me to finally be able to land properly but, what I do know now, is that I have far more patience than I thought I did. The things that actually annoyed me were both, the fact that the only dungeon that actually represents something is so hard to access and tough to find — I can’t imagine finding that it if I didn’t check a guide beforehand. Of course, not everyone is as hopeless as me in flying the Regalia, but I’ve seen people having the same issue. If it was a Royal Arm dungeon, I probably would’ve given up but I was determined. Finally, after probably 1.5-2 hours of trying, I managed to land the damn thing.

Now, Pitioss is pretty, exciting and a creative dungeon, albeit a bit too difficult and frustrating. However, the difficulty of it is the least of my complaints. It wasn’t fun dying 1500k^3 times but I knew I don’t have to go through it, I simply wanted to. I wanted see all of it for myself. It was such a creative and interesting dungeon and they made you work to go through it, and it should feel satisfying… but it doesn’t. Pitioss takes ages to finish, even for me, a person who is semi-good in platform games, was ready to rage-quit. I kept dropping from the platforms, the angles were awkward and some of the platforms too tiny. For once, this game is not a platform game and it’s mechanisms don’t really work all that great with such complex platforming. It was pretty dark, too, but that was one of the things that made it so great, as it had a meaning and I loved it. It took me 4.5 hours to get to the statue at the end of the dungeon. Right, all my effort and patience finally pays off, I should feel relieved and accomplished. I reached the statue, received one of the two key items from the dungeon only to have my game glitch. 90% completion, if not more, only to have the game glitch and force me to re-load my previous save file. As you can probably guess, you are not allowed to save in dungeons, it was such a rational and clever decision! Was it worth all the effort and patience? Nope. You can easily watch people speed-run through it in 20+ minutes, you can find people explain the dungeon without having to play through it. Of course, playing it by yourself is a different experience and the glitch might not happen to you, but I personally wish I decided to stick to admiring it through YouTube.

It is beyond me how an AAA game can have so many glitches and bugs that they can’t patch properly and yet do not let you save during the dungeons? Granted, most of them are short and it’s hard to actually die in this game but it doesn’t change the fact that these glitches are something players can’t help. Not to mention both Pitioss and Castlemark Tower are two very lengthy and somewhat difficult dungeons. I had a save problem in Castlemark, as well, where I went through most of the dungeon but had to get some sleep, put my console on sleep mode but then next time I turned it on, I was outside of the dungeon, all my progress erased. I was annoyed but I figured that I probably wouldn’t be able to take 3 iron giants and that medusa monster all at once so I thought “ah whatever” and went to experience the carnival. My point still stands though, you can’t make dungeons so long without an option to save, not everyone will stay till 7 am only to get through one. Not to mention these dungeons require patience, it’s not a bad idea to take breaks once in a while but since you can’t secure your progress, you are forced to go through them in one go.


While we are talking about dungeons and bugs, let me tell you about 2 of the most frustrating bugs I have encountered; both happened in Castlemark Tower. The first one happened on my first attempt; I was trying to run away from a room full of enemies, it was tough, but I managed and I started to progress… only to notice neither Ignis nor Prompto were there. Apparently they were stuck in the room with the enemies and no matter what I did I couldn’t get them out. I don’t remember what happened, whether the game fixed itself or whether I ended up fighting the enemies but in the end I got them back. The second one was on my second attempt; I was in a room fighting enemies (screw Yojimbo), all of the bros were in the room. Ignis ended up dying but then suddenly I realize that I only had Gladio with me. Prompto definitely had half of his HP bar full, and yet he was nowhere to be seen. Even after I defeated all of the enemies and started to progress further, defeating more groups of monsters, it was only the 3 of us, only to see Prompto run to us from the other direction after about 5 minutes? Prompto, please stop screwing around, this is serious.

Dear Final Fantasy XV, you are a flawed game, do implement the option to save inside dungeons if you can’t be bothered to fix the issues. I have wasted around 6+ hours of my life just on Pitioss. Sad. I ain’t got time to waste, yo.

Sorry this is so casual, I can’t be bothered to check the writing either, it took my way too long for a rant post. Mostly just wanted to vent and remember this disaster in years to come. I will soon post again an hopefully it will be a little better than this post.

Listened to: Steins;Gate OST


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