Haruhi-ism; Noizi Ito Artworks Artbook – A Review

A few days ago I realized I still had credit on my Amazon gift card I received for Christmas so I decided to order a beautiful artbook from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have always liked the manga artwork a whole lot but I only ever saw shops selling the anime artbooks which I am not quite as interested in. For those of you who do not know, I love artbooks and it’s a favorite hobby of mine aside from playing games. I know I promised a game review and it’s in works, it’s just that I have been stressed and then sick, I can’t really write it as well as I’d like to. In fact I feel I write them too fast and I don’t feel I am practicing my writing, which was the main reason I created this blog. One of the reasons is also that I think the artbook is simply stunning and I can’t help go back and look through it over and over again.

Please also keep in mind I have never written an artbook review before but how hard can it be, right? Right? Well, hopefully I will not make a fool out of myself.

For those of you who don’t know, manga artworks from Haruhi series is drawn by Noizi Ito whose style is a bit more cutesy compared to some other artists I like but somehow, I just can’t help but love it, especially for Haruhi series. This artbook does not disappoint, or at the very least it did not disappoint me. First of all, the artbook comes in hardcover. The original cover is slightly plain but fitting, however, it is covered in a cute “jacket” with an illustration featuring Haruhi and Kyon together, which captures the series well and is far from boring.


Inside the artbook, we get a lot of variety of art. The sections are divided into four seasons (starting with spring, ending with winter) with each of them containing art more or less fitting the seasons which I thought was neat. Here are some examples;









There is also a category for artworks that did not fit the other themes called “characters”:P1010245characters

Lastly, there are a few pages that separate arcs and include a few manga panels showing some more important moments. I didn’t manage to take good pictures of them, though, but there is only a few of them. If you are curious, I could take them at any time, just let me know. Overall, I think it is a very fun way to set up an artbook.

As you can see, the artbook is filled with gorgeous artwork. It has 120 pages of art drawn throughout 6 years of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. On last 2 pages, we get some words from the artist and a few rough sketches for some of the pieces but the rest is artwork, artwork and… artwork. To me, it’s great because while I love reading about concept art, ideas and thoughts, quite often I just wanna look through pretty drawings to boost my mood up. I do like a mix of the two as long as there is enough art included (and by enough, I mean a lot). If you are a person who likes artbooks only to be able to read through artist’s notes on them, you might not be completely satisfied with this one and perhaps find it lacking.

Truthfully, it is hard to review something that’s nearly flawless. I can’t go on and keep saying how beautiful the pieces in it are or else I’d bore you so I will stop myself here. The only thing that I found slightly disappointing was the lack of artwork with the two males; Koizumi and Kyon but what else is new. There are very few pieces where they are not in the background though I suppose it does kind of fit them especially considering how they always hang out together. Still, I really like Koizumi so I am a bit disappointed. All in all, that’s the only thing I think could be improved with this book, as this piece of art [x], for example, is easily one of my favorite illustrations from the series. Hopefully they are included more often in the later manga artbook but I am not getting my hopes up but at the very least, I do hope to acquire it someday.

All in all, this is one proper artbook that I would recommend to any fan of the series, especially if you like her manga artwork or if you have no preference with one over the other. I know that images aren’t the best way to showcase something like this and I wish I could record a video but alas.

This artbook definitely pleasantly surprised me and made me want the second one [x] so much more. I wish I could get it right away but there are a few more artbooks I would like to acquire, and they happen to be on the pricey side. I am also considering trying out the light novel for Haruhi but I don’t think I will manage to buy it this or next month, maybe in April.

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